10 Proven CEOs

10 Wicked Problems

10 Days

Last night, I attended the kickoff for the 2016 version of the 10.10.10 program at Galvanize – Golden Triangle in Denver. The program is designed to bring a large, diverse group of experts from around the country to Denver for 10 days to rapidly evaluate a set of difficult problems and find solutions.

Like the 2015 inaugural program, the 2016 version will focus on health. The program will run from June 20 through June 30, which Tom Higley, 10.10.10’s founder and CEO, laughingly agreed was really 11 days. 10 of those are spent seeking solutions and the last day is for presenting the outcomes.

If you are in the Denver area and want to help out, sign up to receive the 10.10.10 Newsletter and join the Meetup Group. And if your a proven CEO seeking an opportunity and you think the life sciences space may be your bag, throw your name in hat and we may see you in Denver this June.

Geek moment: Looking across the room and Jasmine and Mike’s 101010.net email addresses, it dawned on me the “Answer to the Meaning of Life” was right in front of me, 42. Is this why Health problems are the first on the list?