David Brunel Addresses 10.10.10 Audience

by | Mar 17, 2016

David Brunel, CEO Biodesix

David Brunel, CEO Biodesix

On March 16, 2016, Denver’s 10.10.10 Speaker Series hosted David Brunel, CEO at Biodesix. The crowd at Industry was a broad selection of Colorado entrepreneur and healthcare advocates, many of whom are also volunteers for the 2016 10.10.10 program focused on healthcare.

In a talk that covered a broad range of career, company, and healthcare issues; David began by highlighting that while the US spends as much as any country in the world on healthcare, almost 18% of US GDP, our outcomes rank only 31st. He then quickly segmented the $3 trillion US healthcare spending across various payers, then providers, and finally diseases. This led directly to how often misaligned interests across the different groups and among parties within each group create multiple obstacles for new procedures, devices, medicines, and tests to get to market.

The stage was now set for David’s discussion of his Biodesix experience and how his team navigated the processes – or in many cases, lack of processes – to get their test approved, adopted, priced, and purchased in the US.  A large portion of this discussion centered on the US government’s CMS pricing practices, the annual changes to the prices, and the US congress lobbying efforts required to succeed. The best scientists, caregivers, and innovation in the world, combined with some of the worst processes and massive inertia make healthcare innovation a unique blend of driving important, lifesaving changes and overcoming tremendous friction. 


I encourage you to signup for the newsletter, come out to the next 10.10.10 event and investigate opportunities for volunteering with the next program. It’s worth it just to meet the people and I’m sure you’ll learn something as well.


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