Five Colorado brewers medal in the European Beer Star

2013 European Beer Star Winners

Winners from Colorado include:

• Left Hand Brewing Co. Gold, Sweet stouts – Left Hand Milk Stout

• Odell Brewing Co. Silver, Imperial Pale Ale – Myrcenary IPA; Bronze, German-style heller bock – Double Pilsner; and Bronze, Belgian-style fruit sour ale – Friek

• Oskar Blues Brewery Bronze, Scotch ale – Old Chub

• Ska Brewing Co.Silver, herb and spice beer – Vernal Menthe Stout

• Epic Brewing Co.,Bronze, imperial India pale ale – Hopulent IPA.

Corporate Volunteers using Professional Skills

”It’s a win-win-win situation,” says Claire Johnson, a PhD student at the University of Adelaide who is researching corporate volunteering. She believes companies are turning away from sponsorship in favour of corporate volunteering. ”I think people can be cynical about sponsorship. The idea that the company can give money to a group and get advertising in return – it just looks like a media opportunity.”

The director of research at the University of New South Wales’s centre for social impact, Les Hems, believes the future of corporate volunteering lies more with skilled workers, who can offer their expertise rather than just a willing pair of hands.


Open Source Competition in the Clouds

Folks are beginning to line up behind the idea of Open Source Clouds.  Let the competition begin.


London 2012 chief says he supports Dow sponsorship

London’s 2012 Olympic committee are taking heat on Dow’s sponsorship of the games. The committee says Dow came up with the best sustainable proposal to wrap the stadium “by quite a distance”.

At issue is the world’s worst industrial accident, the 1984 Union Carbide tragedy in India, which left an estimated 15,000 dead and injured 500,000.  Dow acquired Union Carbide 17 years later in 2001.

The Olympic committee is justified in selecting Dow as a sponsor as long as after 2001 Dow has done the right thing for the people of Bhopal.  If they have done right, then Dow should be proud of their actions and discuss them.  However, Dow spokespeople are talking about the facts of the accident, not the facts of the post-accident support for the community. They should only talk about the former after addressing the latter.  It matters not that the plant was not operated by Dow in 1984. Dow decided to own the issue when they acquired the assets and liabilities of Union Carbide in 2001. The committee and Dow will continue to hear protests about this until they discuss their responsibilities toward those harmed in Bhopal.

Victims of the accident, as well as former Indian Olympians and officials, have been pressuring Olympic organizers to drop Dow as a sponsor. Less than two weeks ago, protesters in Bhopal burned an effigy of the head of the Olympic organizing committee, Sebastian Coe.

On Sunday, Coe defended Dow’s involvement.


Cloud Sprawl. How to deal with it.

Mike Vizard, talks with Kent Christensen of Datalink about Cloud Sprawl and what companies can do about it.    Christensen’s recommendation is to start with a private cloud.

One of the issues that many IT organizations are soon going to find themselves dealing with is “cloud sprawl.” Because it’s relatively easy to set up an account with any number of cloud computing service providers, IT organizations may soon find themselves managing application workloads across many different services.

At the same time, those organizations are just as likely to have an instance of private cloud computing under development, which may be running on premise or in a third-party data center. (more…)