Hurricane’s prove to be a pretty poor predictor of both the fall of humankind and climate change. The small number of storms annually combined with the large number of factors which collectively determine how powerful each storm becomes deliver a volatile trend line, which does a poor job of measuring changes over a short time period. Add the 24-hour news and weather stations’ programming to the mix and for many of us, it appears these storms physically harm more people than ever before.

In fact, the opposite has been happening for quite some time. Yes, every storm death is a tragedy, and our ability to forecast and warn people to get out of harm’s way continues to reduce personal injury even when our populations affected are larger, the storms are more powerful, and the property damage is much higher.

Optimistic Fact
Long term U.S. data on hurricane fatalities show that from 1900–09 to the 2009–10, hurricane deaths and death rates declined by 82% and 95%, respectively.