I received my new Kindle three this week and have mixed feelings about it. I’m actually more disappointed in myself, than I am about the device. BI really like the form factor. The new E-ink is noticeably better, although I never had an issue with the Kindle 2. The navigation is much better and the buttons do not make the unknowing clicks. I haven’t fully tested out all the new capabilities but so far they seem to be something that I’m going to like.  

What’s really got me miffed more than anything else is I can’t use my old cover with the new Kindle. For some inexplicable reason, Amazon decided to make the new Kindle incompatible with covers designed for the previous version. Even more confusing, is the fact that while this Kindle is smaller, the notches for the attachment hooks are farther apart. It seems to me that they went out of their way in order to sell more covers to existing Kindle owners. Yes, this only matters to folks who were early or relatively early users of the Kindle.  You know the existing customers companies want to keep and make happy. 

Of course, this should not be a big deal to me. I’ll spend far more for books than I spent on the Kindle and far more on the Kindle than I’ll spend on a new cover. But it IS a big deal to me.  And I liked my old cover with Amazonkindle on it.  I doubt I do that again.   

So, I’m thinking there must be a reason for the change and the Kindle group at Amazon must have already answered this question.  I’ll go online and find out why they did. Once I learn there’s a good reason, it’ll help me get over.  If they do have this on their website, I can’t find it. In fact, I can even find any information about it searching on the web. Now I haven’t spent a lot of time on this nor am I going to, cause I’m miffed. 

All in all, this was an excellent opportunity for Amazon to deliver an exceptional customer experience to a repeat customer.  And they failed.