Okay, so be it around the house without my Kindle has really not been a problem. Can’t say that I really miss it that much, except books are in numerous places and it takes me a little while to find the one I’m looking for from time to time. I actually like holding a book, a little bit better than the Kindle. Although it’s not a big issue.

However, I just finished packing for a trip tomorrow and I’m already disappointed about the weight of my backpack. I like reading magazines in the paper form. Much better than reading them on the Kindle so I usually take one or two with me. That hasn’t changed. However, normally I can take many books often half a dozen or so that I’m currently reading or at least convince myself that I’m currently reading. However, on this trip, I’m down to two and already I’m limited on space and I’m certainly not be happy about the extra weight.

We’ll see what I think when we get back.