So Why is Flying Still a Pain?

The Wall Street Journal released its annual U.S. Airline performance study results showing significant improvement in many areas, such as on-time arrivals, improved luggage handling, and fewer complaints. Here’s what they had to say. Airline service is...

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Galvanize take data science education to CDOT

The science of transportation has long been about traffic data as well as the physics of structural engineering. CDOT has teamed up with Galvanize to accelerate their data science capabilities while allowing Galvanize to grab a large traffic data set to educate...

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Execution and Scaling Risks – Part 3 in the Managing Risk Series

“How do you know it’s the right time to scale?” is a question we get all the time and for good reasons. There are many factors involved, from economic cycles and your market’s appetite for investment to competitive pressures and capital availability, just to name a few. These are both within and beyond your control and change often.

What does not change is your need to have a problem, solution, and business model that fit together tightly; a process for consistently evaluating the results of your actions; and a well thought out plan for scaling based on continued success. Yes, there are many stories of successful businesses which bet the farm and beat the odds. These are still around, so we hear about them. We also hear about the grand investment flops where hundreds of millions of dollars were lost. We don’t hear as much about the far more numerous failures where unproven sales practices, marketing campaigns, or product designs were replicated with little success and lots of expense.

In this, the third part of a multi-part series on managing risk in high-growth technology companies, we’ll discuss common errors made when scaling rapidly and discuss a way to manage those risks. Read the full article.

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Business Model Risks – Part 2 in the Managing Risk Series

Business Model Risks

Achieving Product/Market Fit is a critical milestone for every new product. Many companies never reach this stage. The stage where companies seek a path to sustainable growth and long-term profitability. Product/Market Fit is to be celebrated, but it is not a guarantee of success. Once you have proved Product/Market Fit, the heavy lifting begins.
In this, the second part of a multi-part series on managing risk in high-growth technology companies, we’ll explore the steps after Product/Market fit to test various business models and…

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