The space between Trump, his nominees, and the GOP congressional leadership was visibly wider this week as folks in front of Senate committees and on news programs addressed the coming agenda.  Thursday night CNN’s town hall showed Paul Ryan disagreeing with several of Trump’s campaign statements. Of course, during the campaign Trump make statement disagreeing with some of these too.

Just a week after the election, the cracks were starting to show between Trump and Republicans on some pretty major issues. Now that the election is over and it’s time for Republicans to govern, they appear to be growing wider.Deportation forces? Despite President-elect Donald Trump’s use of the phrase, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) promised in a CNN town hall Thursday night: “In Congress, it’s not happening.”

Oh, and Russia. Pretty much everyone in Washington except Trump wants to slap sanctions on Russia, Ryan included.

CNN Report provided details on Ryan’s Russian comments.

Ryan took a tough line on Russia, saying the United States must “step up our game” and adopt a “stronger Russia engagement policy, for sure, across the board.”
“The fact that a foreign government tried to meddle in another government’s election is wrong,” Ryan said, calling for stronger sanctions against the country.
He called Russia a “global menace led by a man who is menacing.”
“Vladimir Putin does not share our interests,” Ryan said. “He frustrates our interests. He violates his neighbors. … He’s not democratic. I really think a lot of the things that he is doing is to try to delegitimize the other democracies so that his illegitimate democracy doesn’t look as illegitimate by comparison.”

And regarding Trump’s use of Twitter, Ryan sees little to no relief coming.

“I think he’s going to keep doing this, and I think he’s going to be probably a little more restrained in his tweets probably, but it’s all relative,” Ryan said.

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