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Scaling Up

Scaling Up

How a Few Companies Make it… and Why the rest Don’t

Verne Harnish’s book, Scaling Up, builds on the proven methods which small and medium size businesses grabbed from Harnish’s 2002 best selling book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, and used to build and maintain growth for over a decade now. Scaling Up is organized around these themes:
– People
– Strategy
– Execution
– Cash

In each, Harnish draws on his decades of coaching high growth companies and the tools he’s developed during that time to identify the key things that need to get done, create momentum to get big things done, “move the boulders”, coordinate activities across the organization and get help to those areas that need it quickly and efficiently.

This book is a great read for all levels of management and a must read for everyone on the executive team of a company incorporating these concepts. Whether your company is struggling to define a new vision or looking for ideas to help drive flawless execution there are valuable lessons to be found in Scaling Up. I’ve heard some managers say the tools and techniques are too rigid. To that, I tell them to use what they like as is, modify other parts, and throw the rest out. There is something in hear for every company that is moving quickly and struggles to keep everyone aligned. The meeting ideas and quarterly theme concepts are great ways to attack those problems.

Two items that I’ve found very useful are getting everything down on “one-page”, well, one very big page; and creating a sustainable, repeatable pattern, or cadence for the company. No more quarter and annual plans that get stashed in the closet only to be pulled out for the next offsite inviting comments like, “Yes, now I remember what we had planned to do.” Which of Verne’s ideas do you find the most useful?

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