Lots of changes in the “free press” heading into an administration change.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has a new gig on the One America News Network. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Before we even had a chance to miss him, Corey Lewandowski is returning to television as an analyst on the One America News Network, bringing his fact-starved brand of pro-Trump […]

Lewandowski’s hiring represents a broader media trend ahead of Trump’s inauguration: An ability to convey the billionaire’s perspective, or at least relate to his tens of millions of supporters, is now a sought-after quality.

Meanwhile, Trump-adoring Breitbart News suddenly seems to some journalists like the place to be. Breitbart this week hired the Wall Street Journal’s John Carney to lead a new section devoted to economics and finance.

“Breitbart was way ahead of the curve on politics and the rise of Trump,” Carney told Bloomberg News. “I think there’s an opportunity to do that for business, finance and economic news.”