Tom Perez, DNC chair and former labor secretary greatly exaggerated when he claimed that 45%’s administration wants to eliminate overtime pay. The day after his election for the DNC chair, Perez went on the Sunday talk shows and stated 45% “wants to eliminate overtime pay for people,” and nominated for labor secretary someone “who wants to gut overtime pay” to head the Labor Department.

False, misleading, and at a minimum an extreme exaggeration.

As found, Perez’s wording was more careful in a subsequent NPR interview Feb. 28: “We implemented an overtime rule at the Department of Labor, and he’s seeking to roll that back.”

A White House spokesman said the administration supports overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and is still considering whether to appeal the federal judge’s ruling: “The Fair Labor Standards Act provides all hourly and some salaried employees with overtime. The administration plans to faithfully enforce those requirements. However, a Federal judge ruled the Obama administration’s salaried overtime regulations exceeded DOL’s statutory authority; DOL is currently examining what steps to take next with regards to those enjoined regulations.”

Perez used slippery language to suggest that Trump wants to eliminate overtime for all workers. A DNC spokeswoman acknowledged that Perez meant to say “overtime rule” rather than just “overtime.” So Perez was speaking about an Obama administration regulation to expand mandatory overtime to about 4 million more workers that has been blocked after a federal judge questioned the legality of the Labor Department’s authority to enact such a rule. The rule has not gone into effect.


Perez’s statement offers a misleading view of Trump’s position on overtime. Trump’s administration has said he wants to roll back regulations — some of which would expand the number of those eligible for overtime — but that doesn’t translate to wanting to eliminate overtime completely. – PolitiFact


Viewers of NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Feb. 26 were left with the false impression from Perez that Trump wants to do away with federal overtime pay requirements altogether. And there is no evidence Trump wants to do that. –

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